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Cool music survey

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Take my survey to help me with my senior project. Thanks!


Senior Project

In Sara's Picks on October 20, 2010 at 12:49 am

Haven’t posted in quite some time. Busy running and schooling. I’m really excited about my Arts Management senior project. I’m going to write about the effects of social media and social networking on the music industry and how the music business has changed over time. The new concept of the DIY artist is taking over and more than ever the artist is able to connect with their audience directly. A record company is not necessarily needed today because the musician is learning to promote themselves through online communication. Seth Godin’s idea of building a tribe is very important for today’s artist. Building relationships, engaging with an audience, and maintaining a form of trust between fans is the key to getting an online buzz.

I am going to be working with my friend Mark Vikingstad on his social media campaign. Check out his new blog and follow him as he writes new original songs, records live YouTube videos, and more! I guarantee you will love his music.

If you have any advice or resources for this project feel free to let me know. I’ll keep you updated on my project and how Mark is doing.

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Here’s a video from my semester working at Purchase College Radio Station, WPSR. 
It includes pics of the station, and our side stage event at Culture Shock.             
I was able to work backstage and help some of the bands set up.
It was a really cool experience! Check it out!